Mug of Love

Have you seen this project all over Pinterest?  I think I may have liked and repinned multiple versions of this project, before I decided to get off Pinterest and give it a whirl. 
All you need is a blank white porcelain mug, a sharpie and an oven. The local dollar store had plenty of white mugs to choose from. I would advise buying a couple extra in case they don’t quite come out the way you’re hoping they will the first go around. Drawing on a mug is all fun and games until the marker slides right off the edge of the mug. 
Drawing on the inside of the mug was the hardest part. All of a sudden I had old lady hands, that were shakin’ up a storm – lots of self imposed pressure to not screw up my one dollar mug [I had no extras]. 

In the end, I made a his and hers duo, which will make a great Valentine’s Day gift [as long as he doesn’t read this post]. I love tea [yep, true stuff] and he loves cocoa and me, his Coco. How oooey, gooey lovey dovey is that?!
Once the drawing is complete, pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and you have a non-smearing , microwaveable and dishwasher safe, piece of fine quality art. 

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