My Fairy Sea

It doesn’t matter the time of year, the sea holds a deep and meaningful place in my heart. It’s what my daydreams are made of. Its strength, mesmerizing charisma, endless gifts and the creatures it holds make it awe inspiring and even a bit mystical. It’s a charmer for sure!
I discovered this poem by D.K. Stevens a couple of years ago, while staying in Sweet Dreams Cottage at Cabot Cove Cottages in Kennebunkport, Maine. It was hanging on the wall designed with a mermaid background and I was beside myself that it wasn’t for sale. Years later I’m still thinking about it and decided to create my own mixed media collage piece to hang beside a printout of ‘My Fairy Sea’ poem.
I know a deep and boundless sea
That takes three fairy days to reach;
And if you’ll come along with me,
We’ll play forever on the beach.
My sea is splendid to behold:
Its top is all shimmering light,
Just like the narrow path of gold
The moon makes on your sea at night.
Its waves are never blue or green,
But just a lovely kind of pink;
The shore is sugar, white and clean.
Which makes the water good to drink.
And if you want your fortune told;
To know what’s coming in a year,
You only have to find and hold
One of my shells to your ear.
Of course it is a distant sea,
And takes three fairy days to reach;
But if you’ll go along with me,
We’ll play forever on the beach. 

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