Natural Beauty

These burlap canvases have been staring me down for a good few months. They were on clearance at the craft store and although I had to have them, I had no clue what I would use them for. Around the holidays I had been playing around with a few designs, but nothing felt right. Burlap has such a natural, timelessness to it and it seemed only right that the elements used to create these pieces have the same kind of feel. 

As I was pulling supplies out today to work on a different art project, I stumbled upon these, quickly abandoned my original intentions and was able to rework my designs for these and assembled all the right elements. The stars aligned. Doilies, flat edge pearls and a couple of other whimsical touches were all that was needed to complete these natural beauties. As much as I love a traditional mixed-media piece with all those fabulous layers of paint, glue, paper and other found treasures, there is something about the simplicity of these that speak to me. 

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