Needle and Thread

We just came off a stretch of cooler weather, which had me in fall mode. The mere mention of fall seems to get most people I mention it to grumbling about what comes after fall (don’t worry, I won’t even say it). Although I’m not ready for that season that shall not be named, I have made peace with cooler weather being around the corner. 
As I continue to clean out closets, there have been a few pieces of clothing that I no longer wear due to stains, rips and size and yet, I didn’t want to part with them. Now, that old stained sweater, has a new look thanks to old pieces of shirts, cut out into shapes and hand sewn onto the sweater. 

The hardest part? Deciding which shapes and pattern to use. After that, it was simply a matter of cutting up the fabric. using no fray on the edges, and sewing each piece on. It did take a couple of hours, since each piece requires the stitching to be close to together, but it was well worth the time. 

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