Nifty Thrifty

[Mary had a little lamb……I have a little chair] 

This cutie is destined for a new home, but I couldn’t let it go without a photo shoot in the garden. As you may have noticed as of late, I can’t get enough of old, fun furniture, fabric and do-dads that are up-cycled. The ideas are endless.

[scrabble Necklace made by one of my crafty friends] 

There has been a super nice stretch of weather here. Warm, breezy days and cool nights. People all around just seem to be in great moods and more energized by this ideal weather. With all this new found energy, I swear there are more garage sales around town than I have seen in quite some time.

[peas in pod velvet pin] 

Poking around other people’s stuff, has really gotten the juices flowing on things to make. It’s a long list, but one I’m looking forward to.

Happy Weekend!

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