Old Furniture

For as simple as a chair as it may look, this little beauty took more hours than I care to remember to re-do. It was redone horribly in thick coats of black paint on an unsanded surface with layers of dirty, torn fabric on the seat. When I saw it, I knew it needed to be brought back to life. 
Well as soon as one project is done, another appears. A matter of days later to be exact. Arte and I were out for a ride and drove past this old buffet table on the side of the street, in front of a recently abandoned house, with a free sign. I was daydreaming out the other side of the car, but my husband turned right around. He knows how I love old, well made furniture. 

He didn’t even stop the car and again, I knew I would be bringing this piece home to restore. We raced back home, hopped in the pickup truck and kept our fingers crossed it would still be there when we got back…and it was. Phew. 

White, shabby chic furniture tends to catch my eye and although in some ways it would be easier to just buy a piece, it’s much more expensive. It’s also gratifying to bring a worn, but still worthy piece of furniture back to life and in the end to give it a place in a home, once again.

This table was in front of a recently emptied house that looked to be one of an older couple that have either passed or have moved to a residence of some sort. I can’t help but to think how they once brought this same piece into their home and cherished it for years. Using it throughout ordinary days, holidays and other special occasions.

I’m not sure of the story it comes with, it’s past, but I do know it’s future will be cherished. 

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