On the Wings of Love

 Despite having a monster of head cold [for over a week now], the show must go on. With a little over a week to go, I’m going to be in not one, but two art shows. The one has been planned and on the calendar for quite some time, but the second was a last minute ask, and a last minute YES!

Show number one is at a private company for their employees [how fun right?!] and the second show is a recycled theme for the general public. These angel wings have been hanging around in my head for a while, but when I heard about this show I knew the old, and vintage items I had been stashing away for it had to come out and play. 
The background is made out of gold, bronze, copper and pearl colored paints [the non-recycled part] and the wings themselves are comprised of old letter paper, sheet music, lace and doilies. 
After a week of so much sadness in the news, it was comforting to work on something as symbolic as angel wings, knowing they are meant bring love and healing to those around them.  

2 thoughts on “On the Wings of Love

  1. Marilyn Rock says:

    Nicole….thanks for visiting my Blog; I appreciated that.

    Love, love, love your angel wings! Yes; so appropriate for the past week.

    Good luck with your shows – enjoy the moments! xxoo

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