One of my favorite things

Soup. Yep that’s it (were you expecting some glamorous new age gadget?), homemade soup. You know the kind, where lunch cannot come soon enough.
I’ve been feeling the need to make a couple of batches of different soups before spring comes and the ‘food for my soul taste buds’ move on to other things. This week’s batch is a hearty recipe called, ribollita. If you like vegetable soup, then you will love this soup. It’s has a couple of surprises in it (including bacon and sourdough bread). Check out Barefoot Contessa’s recipe.

It’s a quiet day in my house, and after a busy month last month, I’m having no problem settling into this temporary state of bliss. Ingredients for this peaceful day:

An ever growing stack of books and magazines.
Cuddle time with Jax the Dog. And a quick walk around the still, snowy backyard.

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