Paper, Paper, Paper

It seems I have a love hate relationship with paper. If we’re talking mail, clutter and other business like papers I’m NOT a fan. I throw things out to a fault. On the other hand, if we’re talking pretty paper I collect it to the point where I am almost a hoarder. With a good sized container filled with paper, its time I start creating using the things I love on a more regular basis. Paper was the natural place to start.
I made one custom cover notebook this week using an old black and white mead notebook and just couldn’t stop; it was way too much fun. After making a couple, I started thinking I should diversify the designs a bit. And interestingly enough that thought happened around the same time I took a a wholesale 101 class with fabulous designer, Marika Contompasis of Marika Charles.

She emphasized the need to focus one’s work (which I so need to do) and create coherent sets or lines of products that can be much more easily sold when compared to a variety of random pieces that don’t fit well together and make it harder for a potential buyer see as a whole. Wise words from a worldly woman who has made quite the career for herself. It was nothing but an inspiring evening hearing about her lifetime of successes.

You’re selling wholesale you may ask?! Even though I am not quite ready to throw myself into that arena, it was a class I couldn’t pass up and it will come in handy when the time comes. For now, here’s a sneak peek at a few of my newly made journals.
Happy Fourth of July J

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