Pastel Pretties & More

In addition to getting ready for an upcoming art class this weekend, I needed a mindless afternoon to decompress from a long week. As I was pulling out my supplies for class, I instantly got in the mood to play and create for a bit. One of the little projects I have been meaning to get to is making some bookmarks. With multiple books going at once and having just joined a book club, as well as having a stack of magazines I’m reading, I’m truly in need of a solid supply of bookmarks. One or two just isn’t going to cut it. 

I had a plain stack of card stock bookmarks from the craft store that I painted and decorated. I painted all 20 in no time flat. Look at all those pastel, Easter ‘esque’ pretties that I wound up with.
I was on a role and simply could not stop there. Using one of the bookmarks as a template, I cut out a good couple of dozen bookmarks from white embossed paper I had. After a couple of hours, I looked up and was literally surrounded and had to laugh at how engrossed I had become in such a simple project. 

With more bookmarks than I knew what to do with, I bundled up bunches of them for a few family members and my fellow book club members. 

What a fun little surprise to hand out as I catch up with people. 

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