Peaceful Pictures

I’m starting to pack and get myself ready for a trip to see one of my dearest friends who recently moved to Virginia. She was up here in January, but I was sick as a dog and missed her. I’m long overdue for a visit. This is going to be an easy, low-key trip chock-full of down time, warmer weather (I’ll take anything above 55 degrees at this point) and lots of laughs.
In an effort to pack conservatively, I’m doing the mental run through of what can and cannot be left behind. An extra pair of shoes or two (or three) may not be debatable, but my camera is. Although I have a good camera, I’m thinking I may wing it and just rely on my iPhone. I am head over heels happy with my CameraBag app. It was truly a $1.99 well spent! Just look at some of these photos from around the house….

Yep, I think the camera is staying home for this trip. With that decision made I have to stop procrastinating and seriously finish packing. Wish me luck narrowing in on which shoes to bring (wink). 

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