A few months ago I was asked to participate in a show opening with a peacock theme. No other rules, than said theme and the piece needs to be framed. Peacocks are such a stunning bird, I remember thinking what an easy muse. This will be a walk in the park. 

It turned out to be anything but a walk in the park. A while back I sat down to start creating and was unbelievably stuck. STUCK – yep, that’s right. Stuck in all caps and bold. I’ve been stuck before and with time, I’ve been able to move through it, but not this time. I did one Google image  search after another looking at real life pictures of peacocks, kids drawings of them, paintings and more and was still left uninspired. With a week to go, panic was sinking in. 

My process tends to be one of unconscious thinking. I like to be in my space, happy and relaxed, playing around with elements that strike me at that particular moment. Over thinking the process is a total buzz kill to my approach and that’s exactly what I was doing. 

Letting go of that ‘being in my head’ and instead sitting, playing and painting lead me straight to my latest piece. It’s a combination of burlap, lace, paper, paint, pearls, glitter and a flower – some of my favorite elements, in a new and fresh combination. 
The hanging of it will take place this coming Saturday and as much as I’m a ‘proud peacock’ over it [sorry, couldn’t help myself], I’m quietly hoping it does not sell. I’d like to hold onto it a little bit longer. 

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