Please and Thank You

Using one’s manners and showing appreciation is something I believe strongly in. Throughout each day a simple ‘thank you’ can be said many times. To the woman bagging my groceries, to a kind co-worker willing to help out, to another driver letting me go ahead of them.  It’s because of all these thank yous that there comes a time, when a ‘thank you’ is not enough. It doesn’t truly convey how I thankful I am. A desensitization of the word seems to happen, letting the words fall flat. 
My sweet, kind, loving neighbor has been so supportive. She cut my hair when I was ill and feeling totally not feminine or attractive, sent her husband over with a tray of food, and just last week, she graciously welcomed me into her salon as a vendor to sell my hand scrub [and referred me to another boutique]. With four kids and working long, long days on her feet, I wanted to truly show her my appreciation and do something just for her. 

I know she likes wine, but I couldn’t leave it at that and as a marketing girl, I know it’s all about packaging. Who doesn’t love to receive a nicely packaged gift?! 

Gathering a paper wine bag [which could easily be made if you don’t have one on hand], bakers twine, a paper doily and a decorated paper clip, I was quickly able to turn a bottle of wine into a sincere thank you.  

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