Projects of the Week

Are the weeks flying by for anyone else or is it just me?!  This past week was over in the blink of an eye.  I seriously had a hard time believing it was the end of the week on Friday. Looking back on the week I’m actually quite pleased to remind myself I managed to fit it some me time/project time.
I took an art class and learned how to make paper out of deli wrap paper…who would have thought? It was quite the simple process too. I was going for a vintage, muted color palette that can be used in background collage pieces. You choose your favorite acrylic paint, water it down a bit and paint the deli paper. With a heat gun, you can speed up the drying time, which is perfect for an inpatient grasshopper like me. Add a few stamps and a black stamp pad into the mix and voila – custom made paper!

We whipped out quite a few pieces. I realized that not thinking about what you’re doing and letting the creative juices roll can be a great way to create a piece of art. That’s how this French inspired, mixed media color palette piece on foam core came to be. And now, every time I look at it, it brings me a little bit of peace because it reminds me of the Zen-like state of being I was in when I made it. Plus it has one of my favorite color palettes…cream, pale yellow, pink and little bit of sea foam green.
Going into this week maybe, just maybe I will be able to hold on to that, “just let it be state-of-mind.” 

Have a lovely week!

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