Pumpkin Patch

A perfect autumn afternoon is what we had at one of the local pick your pumpkin patches. Happiness runs deep when you put me in a pumpkin patch. It’s magical, the lure that is has and yet, where does that magic stem from? 
It could have been the country roads, winding our way there, seeing the small valley in the middle of the mountains, sitting there open and free, where community gathers with friendly faces to harvest the bounty. A brief moment in time not to be missed. 

Or maybe it’s the  way children and adults alike marvel over the pumpkins, exploring the field in search of just the right pumpkin to put on the porch or that special one needed for carving. Each one beautiful in it’s own way. 
Or it could be how fleeting and gorgeous this time of year is. Blink and it’s over, but to experience it, is like walking in a dream, fully present to all that is before you. 

Wherever it comes from, we were soon taken over by the spell it casts. Walking from one area of the farm to the next, brought about talk of planting for next season, creating our own mini farm and what it must be like to actually live on one. There is no denying how we would love to grow a pumpkin patch. 

Pumpkins change the landscape, and not just the one we walk through. 

It’s more than their vibrant color, the texture, the variety and all the things that can be done with them to help us connect to the season.  There’s something else there too in a pumpkin, in those tiny little seeds that grow into these beauties. It really is magical.  

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