Recipe for Creativity

It’s pretty common when I’m teaching a class to have one or two women before hand tell me they haven’t created in years. Marriage, babies, careers and life just sort of took over. They tell me stories of how they used to make all sorts of things, they went to art school and yet they can’t seem to get those creative juices flowing again. They need a jumpstart.

And to be honest, who hasn’t had a period of time or two when the creative juices have seemed to have all but dried up? Whether you’re in a creative rut or the creativity is flowing freely, there are a few things that can help spark inspiration or to help keep it going. styling_recipe for creativity_farmtablestudio

Creative ingredients:

:: gather a few favorite treasures [currently for me that includes a teapot, sugar bowl, felted flowers and a cutting board]

:: camera [it can be your iPhone or even a simple point and shoot]

:: head towards a place in your home that has some beautiful natural light. There’s a corner in my studio where the afternoon light draws me in. It’s simply too soft and pretty to miss out on.

Creative direction:

:: arrange, rearrange and maybe even gather a few extra items as you begin to set up your shoot.  Try shooting from different angles, adding and subtracting from what you’ve gathered. Go with what you’re feeling, have fun and just let that creative energy free flow. Let go of perfection and expectations so you can create  and play from that place that just feels what it is you need.

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