Rediscovering my Nest

Over the past few years, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve re-worked my studio space to make it work for the projects at hand. With each rework, things get moved and I tend to forget where they are, which of course baffles me as this doesn’t happen in any other area of the house [Any psych majors out there? You can have a field day with that one].

With a recent shuffling of supplies –merging art supplies with more and more product supplies, I found my ‘Lavender Nest’ tucked away. Part of me thought it may have been tossed as it had gotten too old to keep. 

Rediscovering my nest, is as symbolic as you can imagine it being, as well as nostalgic. An idea for it sat on an idea board for years before I brought it to life and once it was created, it became a powerful force for me to open up my creative doors. 

It may be a bit aged, but it’s well-worn edges are perfect as is. And they are staying right where they are [no more purging I tell myself]. 

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