Reed Diffusers

For years now, I have been buying reed diffusers for the house and giving them as gifts. My family teases me that I’m the single hand promoter of them and I kid you not for a while I was starting to wonder if this could be true since I wasn’t finding them on the shelves anymore. Just recently they seem to be making a comeback and at the same time, the light bulb went off saying, ‘Little darlin’ save your money, you can make these at home.’

This was an easy peasy project, that anyone can do with some simple ingredients – most of which you may already have on hand. 
Ingredient List
:: Glass Jars with Narrow Tops 
::Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka 
:: Water
:: 24 Drops of Essential Oil per Jar
:: Fresh Herbs, Citrus Zest or even Cinnamon Sticks
:: Bamboo Sewers 
Fill each jar with a three-to-one ratio of water to rubbing alcohol (or vodka). Approximately a quarter of the jar should be left empty [you’ll want room for the other ingredients and you want to be careful the liquid isn’t close to the top in case the jar gets bumped, it won’t easily spill]. Here’s the fun part, mix in the fresh ingredients [if you want] with essential oils of your choice. 

Some combinations include: 
:: Lavender essential oil with fresh zested lemon
:: Lemon essential oil with fresh rosemary 
:: Vanilla essential oil with cinnamon sticks 
:: Pine and vanilla essential oils
Once you’ve added the essential oils and other fresh ingredients into the jars, take 6-8 skewers for large jars [trim to size if they seem too tall] and stir until everything is mixed well. Flip skewers and place jars throughout the house. 
These can also be made in small glass spray jars and used as an aromatherapy sprays. These small spray bottles also make them easily portable to locations such as the office. 

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