Santa’s Elves

They are everywhere this time of year and I am honored to be chosen to be one of them. There’s a little guy in our family who really, really would like a real live dolphin for Christmas. With Santa busy in his workshop, I was asked to write a letter for this special request.

Dear Carter,

Ho Ho Ho! It makes me and Mrs. Claus so happy knowing you have been a good boy this year. You’ve done a very good job helping to take care of your dog, Tonka. He is lucky to have you.                                                                                                                        
I’ve made a list and checked it twice – it says you would like a dolphin for Christmas. Dolphins are playful, funny and smart. I can see why you would ask for one. Dolphins need saltwater to live and sadly your lake is not saltwater. I talked to a dolphin friend of mine and he has agreed to be your forever special dolphin. His name is Coconut and I’ve told him all about you. He wanted you to have a picture of him. Talk to him often. He’ll be listening for you. Caring for Coconut while he lives in the ocean is an important job and I know you will do well. Thank you for loving the dolphins Carter.

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