Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Sewing…where to even begin? Let’s begin with a confession, shall we? I am not that great of a sewer. As much as I wish I were, it’s not the case. My patience for sewing is limited, which is one of the reasons, I’ll be taking a class this fall. Sewing requires planning and precision and when I’m working on an art project, I much prefer to work with free flowing energy and see where it takes me. I digress. 
By this point, you must be wondering why I would take on a sewing project then? A long weekend by the sea with friends brought on this urge to try sewing once again. A decent amount of time will be spent competing looking for sea shells, sea glass and sand dollars. The dilemma is that between the four of us we rarely have one plastic bag or container to hold our loot treasures. Solution: stenciled ‘His and Her’ drawstring burlap bags. Burlap is chic, affordable, durable and in between the weaves, the sand can seep through.  
Although there are are no pictures with sewing instructions here on Lavender Nest for the bags [it was a frustrating process, that meant putting down the entire project for a week and needing some major help from my husband the next], I am happy to report that this mission has been accomplished and I learned a lot to boot. 
The stenciling of the bags, was more my speed and a great way to decompress đŸ˜‰ 

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