Serendipitous Moments

It hasn’t been a week I’ve overly enjoyed. Quite frankly, much of it I would rather forget, but there were a few quiet moments that through tiny whispers reminded me that I can, and will keep following my heart on this journey and finding out how I truly wish to spend my days. 
Serendipity struck when: 
Picking Lily of the Valley in the yard. They are a fleeting, but joyful flower for me and they reminded me to look for the good, sweet parts of life. They bloomed at a much needed time. 
In the midst of reading a new book (Art at the Speed of Life by Pam Carriker) a sweet, “heart” felt treat was delivered from my husband at the exactly the same moment I was reading this page. Certainly a sign not to be denied.
Writing this post. I “happened” to look up at my memory board and notice a quote that I haven’t noticed in quite a few months. “The way I’ve operated my entire life is, Do your best. I’ve learned you run your own race, do your best and people will notice,” said Oprah in a recent interview this year. Good advice from a lady who certainly has seen her share of success. 
It’s time I own this race. 

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