Setting Up Shop

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s starting to happen. My husband has been gracious enough to clear out his big old bulky desk out of our office and let me have a whole room for my creative needs. I plan on using the space for a mix of things….freelance copy writing work, storing art supplies and goodies as well as just having a space where I can go be a girl and be inspired and creative in. After the clearing out a LOT of papers and years of our junk, I was able to spend a fair amount of the weekend setting up shop, which really meant a lot of organizing. Organizing for me is utterly therapeutic so needless to say it was a relaxing time going through everything.

In addition to all this, I received a belated Christmas gift. During the holidays my husband and I started a new tradition by making each other two homemade gifts. My second gift was a custom made French memory board that spans two small walls in the room.

He was such a good sport about building this for me. We went to the craft store (three times) for fabric, more fabric, buttons, decorative nails and ribbon and not to mention a fourth trip to the hardware store for molding and supplies. But in the end, it is such a lovely addition to the room; one that will be used for many years to come.

A few weeks before Christmas I redid this old piece of furniture to use as a printer stand with the added benefit of extra storage below. You’d probably never guess that this piece of furniture was SO beat up that we could not even get rid of it at our garage sale…it was in the FREE pile and no one wanted it. I dragged it back in the house this fall and decided to keep it with the hopes of being able to bring it back to life. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Oh and one other lovely piece in the room is this space saving greeting card stand that so beautifully displays all those pretty cards I pick up here and there.

Let the creative juices start flowing.

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