Sleep Away Camp

It seems everyone I talk to who has kids these days is getting ready to send them off to sleep away camp. What cracks me up is when I ask the kids about going, most of them tend to grumble a bit and run off and play. The parents on the other hand are not only a wee bit excited for them to leave the house for a bit, but they also seem to be a bit envious. And I can’t say I blame them. Lazy summer days spent swimming, canoeing and horseback riding paired with evenings spent by the fire toasting marshmallows sounds like a blast!
Having grown up in a country setting, sleep away camp is not how I spent my summers {this is not a complaint}, BUT I truly always loved the idea of it. Truth be told, my inner child still does.
This is one of the reasons why I am ecstatic to be going to an art retreat in early September on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Squam Art Workshops (SAW) is the closest thing this girl is going to get to a sleep away camp. Sweet cabins, prepared meals, art filled days with a ton of incredibly talented women and time spent by the water has me all excited these days.

This incredible opportunity to attend brings me warm thoughts of meeting kindred spirits and a steady stream of creative consciousness thinking. So until the end of the summer, I’ll be daydreaming of my first “sleep away camp” and creating some new paper treasures {more on that later in the week}. 

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