Squam Love

Oh, how I’m still basking in the afterglow of Squam, the classes and all the lovely ladies I met and reconnected with along the way. Maya’s story scarves sewing class was as gentle, nurturing and productive as they come. 
From the moment I arrived at class, I knew I was more than welcome….

…and sweet, loving touches filled the room.  

My scarf is a mix of found vintage fabric, handed-down lace from women in the family, fabric remnants from Maya’s stash and a lavender filled sash. 

The next day’s class was ‘Seeing the Everyday’ with Amy. It’s a bit ironic [or perhaps not], that I come home from Squam able to feel more in tune with the every day. 

Things that may ordinarily go unnoticed, capture my attention. This photography class was the perfect reminder on using my camera to now see the every day. 

And of course, there is plenty to see and snap pictures of at Squam. 
My last afternoon was spent with a friend, creating mixed-media collages, something I had been craving to do since I had arrived, but had not had the opportunity to work on. 

There were limited supplies on hand and everyone threw in what they could find in their bag or  cottage and some extras supplied from other classes. It was the perfect challenge to create from a mix of things you’re not used to working with. 

I’m feeling blessed and fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend and to have had so many warm, powerful and magical encounters. 

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