Squam Withdrawal

Yep. It’s hit. It was bound to happen though. When something that special makes such an impression on you, how could you not go through a wee bit of withdrawal?! And yet the Squam Art Workshops experience evokes such a deep feeling that it’s actually difficult to articulate. I may never truly be able to do that, but what I do know is that I have more little mental treasures to reminisce over than I did before. And that’s certainly something to celebrate. So here’s my last ditch effort to highlight the joys of Squam:  

*Real laughter. Silly laughter. Full on laughter from the belly. 

*New friends [smile]. My ladies of Bell Tower. 

*Cookie sandwiches for lunch
 *You just never know who you are sitting next to in class. Women from literally around the world. Women who create. Raise families. Sing in operas. The list goes on.

*Eyes wide open.

*Sitting on the dock of the bay…teacher prescribed. Thank you Jen.
*Feeling the world once again. Feeling and seeing what is truly in front of you in all its glory.

*The gift of sharing. Christine’s time, words of encouragement, wisdom and willingness to teach her craft is a gift that lasts. 
*Sleeping in a charming cottage nestled in the woods. Room sized screened in porches.

*More smiling faces than one can remember seeing.

*Sharing stories by the fire.  

*Bonding over burlap in the Sugar House with Maya. Her careful and caring ways of teaching and being were touching.

*Giving myself wings to fly back out into the world.

To think, I headed to Squam doubting and wondering why I was going, if I would make friends and I left knowing exactly why the universe put me there. Squam is such a sacred gathering place for modern day women striving to make a homemade life of some sort; trying to re-center and give back to themselves as much as they give to others in their everyday life.
Squam fulfills the soul and sustains a creative life. My dearest thanks to Elizabeth.  
*Until I meet the magic of Squam again, may this happiness thrive. 

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