This fall session of Squam proved to be magical once again. Different from last year, but  magical nonetheless. Arriving was like entering into a land a bit like Brigadoon, a secret place in time that opens up to those passing by. 

A place that is truly timeless and where ultimately love is found before leaving. Love for oneself. Love for old and new friends.

Mother Nature blessed us with a couple of gorgeous sun kissed days that ended with friends on the dock catching up on the days activities while taking a dip in the cool lake and being mesmerized by the light dancing upon the water.

Squam is a place where one day gracefully flows into the next and time slows down and takes on a new rhythm where you don’t quite know what day it is, but you know exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Stay tuned for more on my Squam classes later in the week. This story doesn’t end here….

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