Staging Art

I’m in the final days before my hanging and this piece has been staring me down – in the nicest way possible. One of the reasons though are these coronation stamps are the ‘Real Deal Holyfield.’

They were a total find in our basement and luckily there are two sets, so I don’t feel entirely guilty using them in a piece. So until I am completely sure, or close to it, of where I want them, I am remain in what I call the staging process. Essentially, I play around with them, move them, introduce new elements, remove elements, stare at it all and then repeat — again and again. 

It’s a fun process that’s happens over the course of days and sometimes weeks. I’ll pop into my studio, play for a few, leave and come back. It’s especially fun when designing a piece where I adore the concept. And this concept – recycle, British, lace and mail – well, what’s not to love?! 

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