Table Talk

For a long time now, we’ve been in the market for a new kitchen table. My parents had given me our family table way back when, which has followed me from apartment to apartment and then to our home. It was a great table, with many memories, such as the visible marks I left on the table when learning how to write all those years ago and the name of each family member on the bottom of the chairs – Mom, Dad, Nicole and Scott. That way my mom knew exactly which chair belonged to whom when she put them back after mopping. 
But the time has come to replace the table. It has truly seen better days. The search for a new table though has been going on for quite some time with no luck. Trying to find a farm table in the shade, size and style we were looking for proved to be much more difficult than I imagined it would be.  
I was on Pinterest one night and saw a beautiful table, that the pinner said cost only $65 to make. Not quite believing it I asked my husband, who said it look pretty accurate. So you know what my next question was, right? Can you make us one then? 
That my friends, is exactly what he did. I truly never expected him to build one, at least not so quickly with all the other fall projects that are waiting to be attended to. We went to the hardware store that weekend, bought the supplies, for $65, and two weekends later, this beauty is sitting in our kitchen. 
I’m still using the old kitchen chairs, even though they don’t match. Maybe until this new family table has a little more of a story to tell, I’ll be ready to get new chairs. Until then, they can continue to tell their story of all those meals and memories shared. 

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