Tea Time

It feels like forever since I’ve stopped by here and yet it has only been a week. It was a long week of feeling blah, but by Friday night I was feeling like me again and couldn’t wait to work on some projects over the weekend.  I’ve been craving lavender lemon shortbread cookies [I made them last summer and they were a huge hit]. 
This time around, I wanted to make them extra special since I’ll be freezing some and giving them away as gifts. A tea bag shaped cookie seemed appropriate for these lovelies. I looked all over for a cookie cutter in the shape of a tea bag, but in the end there wasn’t anything I could find [new product opp maybe?]. 

Improvising proved to be fairly easy. Once you roll the dough out, place a tea bag over the dough and using a butter knife trim out the cookies. A disposable straw can be used to cut out the hole on the top. Once they’ve baked and had time to cool, use a thin cotton twine and double sided craft paper of your choice for the string and tags. 
I’ll warn you, I made a double batch of cookies, so by the time I sat down to tie string and cut paper I was tuckered out. My shortcut — cut out strips of paper [approx. 1” thick] and eyeball the length. It sped the process right up [I also had an extra set of hands]. The cookies were thick and durable enough for the man handling of these final touches — which look pretty lady like to me. 

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