The Lake

The past two years, around this time, I’ve spent it lakeside, soaking up the last bit of what summer has to offer and watching fall make her way in. And this year is no different. 

Our trip to the lake last week was filled with days on the water, lounging on the porch and walking the beach all with a book close by or in hand.   

Summer sparkled her way into a good couple of days, showing off her brilliance. Her sparkles, dancing on the water, get me every time. When I think of summer, it’s an image that quickly comes to mind.

It’s not a trip in our house without the animal encounter of some sort. We seek them out and vice versa. This sweet little fella, came aboard, looking for treats and brought a whole gaggle of friends with him. Right in the middle of the lake we were surrounded by begging ducks looking for a snack, which they of course, were not denied. 

Summer sure did meet fall though on our last night during a battle I won’t soon forget. The storm that made it’s way across the lake was fierce and we loved every minute of it. From the lightning, to the thunder and the chill in the air – it was spectacular.
That night I bid summer farewell and I’m one hundred percent ready to be seduced by all that autumn will bring. 

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