Time to raise some….

Well, here goes another month. Can’t say I’m sad to see it go. It was one long, snowy month here in NY. Spring cannot come soon enough. As I’ve been lying around wishing for warmer weather and trying to talk spring out of its shell, I also realized I need to get moving on one of my New Year’s resolutions/goals. Raising chickens…for eggs only.

Needed a little help with this one, so I headed to the bookstore yesterday and wouldn’t you know it right there in front of the store on one of the clearance shelves there sat a $7 Keeping Chickens book with loads of colorful pictures and information. I was SOLD! If that wasn’t a sign, then I don’t know what is. I couldn’t wait for the evening to come to curl up and start my research. I thought how hard can this be? Ha! I made it through a couple of very vivid chapters and immediately formed this one key takeaway – there is a LOT to learn.

I ended the night with my heading spinning over the fact there are more chicken breeds than I knew existed. Let me pause and be honest in that I really didn’t know there were different types of breeds (told you I had a lot to learn). I guess I just never stopped to think about it really. Funny how you go your whole life not interested in something and then one day, there it is, an interest in something new that opens up a new world. I digress…

Those vivid pictures had my head spinning, made my dreams swirl with confusion and yet still left me wanting more. Before we decide we are getting these fuzzy egg layers, my husband is looking into whether or not we are allowed to have them in the town we live in. Ironically enough, we found out that the town is making a decision on this very topic in two weeks.

For now, I’m having a bit of fun daydreaming about my grand notions of feeding “my girls” (I do not want any noisy “boys”) on those pretty sunny mornings when the day still holds so much potential. Not to mention the fact that this would give me a reason to put on a cute pair of wellies every morning. It’s funny, I do know it will probably be nothing like that, especially considering that at this point in time I am a bit scared to even touch a chicken, let alone pick one up. Plus from what I read they can be a bit “flighty” is the word the book referred to time and time again. I’m assuming they mean this literally and figuratively.

Anywhoo, in two weeks time I’ll be two weeks closer to spring, a bit more well-versed in chicken keeping and fingers crossed I will be planning where to put the coop!

One thought on “Time to raise some….

  1. Stacey Nooney says:

    I think it’s great that you are thinking about raising chickens. Our good friends have chickens and it’s great…we get eggs from them. They are so much better. Plus, they are pretty cute….but some can be mean. Especially roosters!!

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