Toadstool Fun

It’s cold and dark outside and all I want to do is play! Forget work, laundry, errands and all that other jazz….I’d love to be frolicking in a field of flowers in the warm afternoon sun. In five or so months, maybe I’ll be doing just that. 
Until then, I’m playing inside, dreaming on the whimsical side, with this champagne cork from New Year’s. Every so often, I come across a toadstool, sometimes felted, sometimes sewn, and each time I want to make one of my very own. So I guess you could say, it’s been on my artsy bucket list. 
The top part of the cork I painted with a couple coats of bright pink paint [no red paint to be found – well no patience to look for any extended period of time] and then dotted it with a pearly white paint. Once dry, the bottom half was wrapped in lace and fabric, using the handy dandy hot glue gun and…tada…my very own toadstool. 

Any minute I’m expecting little fairies to come along and play besides it. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

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