Touching Your Soul

There’s one place that time after time, not only touches my soul, but enables me to touch my soul too. Maine. I’m sure you know this ‘touch your soul’ feeling. It’s the one that tends to come during a getaway or vacation. Part way through, you relax into your body, the stress that was being carried around releases with a big cleansing breathe and without any conscious thought, you sink into your being. 

From there, you breathe. Deep breaths that connect you to all those parts of yourself that are not always easy to reach. Now connected to your beautiful body, you think, feel and act clearly and with purpose, truly feeling, as you move through these cherished minutes, hours and days. 

And then you notice this beautiful self for all that it is and all that it is capable of. Oh how I wish I could bottle this feeling and the glow that comes with it. Until then, it becomes an exercise in learning how to touch my soul. 

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