Treasured Moments

There are so many things about blog life I love and enjoy, but I will also readily admit that everyday life is not always as whimsical, dreamy and easy peasy as it can appear here. If you happen to be a fellow blogger or know a blogger, you may already know where I’m going with this. 
I strive to make this a positive place for you and without a doubt for me, as this is truly one of my happy places and getting to share it with others is icing on the cake. What this also means is that the struggles, the days where I’m feeling blah, up all night with a sick fur baby, or even the occasional overdosed reading session about highly accomplished people that makes me feel rather unaccomplished, doesn’t make it to the pages of this blog.  
Rather I make a concerted effort to keep what I post here about treasured moments, similar to the ones displayed on the mantle, book shelves and even the top of my dresser. For when I look back, whether it be to last week or last year, I seek something of richer substance — moments in my life where there’s been love and joy. 
Well hello honey!!! I bet you weren’t expecting deep insight on blogging today. And to be honest, either was I. I logged on to share sweet moments from my day, but after months of muddling through, the universe generously gave me gifts and moments that I was able to graciously receive. And they were as refreshing as the first smell of spring. Kind words, kind gestures, new people and new opportunities that are all being as treasured as my renewed sense of hope. 

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