Trick or Treat

What a Halloween this is going to be with Hurricane Sandy. A while back we decided to skip throwing a ‘monster’ bash and now we’re forgoing any major decorating with the threat of highs winds and heavy rain, but a girl has to have at least a little Halloween fun. 
My big treat is pumpkin carving this year. Oh how I love the smell of pumpkin guts. It’s a total throw back to years gone by carving pumpkins as a kid and all the excitement that went with it. 

A Volkswagen bus is the design of choice this year, with a little help from a pin on Pinterest. It turned out looking a little like a space ship with a face, but cute nonetheless. My husband’s design on the other hand is… 

downright frightful. Or at least sort of is when lit up at night. 

Whatever your plans are this week, whether its for Halloween or not, stay safe and don’t float or blow away with all this wacky weather. 

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