Twelve. That’s how old my Jax is. I remember thinking, ‘oh, I’ll be in my thirties when he gets old.’ Being a thirty something meant reaching a far and distant land. One that I thought I would never reach, which also meant my little guy would remain young too. Ha. And here we are. Just like that he is twelve. 
He has seen me through many of the ups and downs in life from jobs, to cars, apartments, houses, a divorce, finding my true love [and his forever Daddy] and so many other little day-to-day things. We’ve been on countless walks, car rides and shared numerous ice cream cones. Jax has by far been the one constant source of light and joy in my life over these past twelve years. He has taught me: 
:: How to play fetch [I’m actually better at than he is]
:: To slow down and smell the rose, well more like the grass and leaves
:: What it’s like to care about something more than myself
:: To love, unconditionally 
:: The importance of affection – in the form of cuddles and sloppy kisses
:: How to let it go and run free 
On his special day, we’ll celebrate with a car ride and a piece of birthday cake. My wish is that I have given him at least half as much joy as he has brought into my life. 

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