Upcycled Belt

When I’m on a cleaning spree, watch out. If it’s in my way, it goes. My husband on the other hand is the exact opposite. In the end, we balance each other out and he’s taught me to slow down and think a bit more when tossing/donating things. There’s been a time or two when I’ve been tempted to go back to Goodwill and ask for my donation back. 

This old fabric belt was in the to-go pile, but was pulled back out and upcycled with a couple of yards of lace to make a new belt for the fall. What an easy, breezy project that required no sewing.  

– Fabric Belt
– Two yards of lace*
– Two yards or stitch witchery (will adhere the lace to the belt)
– Hot iron
– Spray bottle with water 
Lay the belt out flat on an ironing board and cut lace and stitch witchery to size. On top of belt, first lay the stitch witchery and then  the lace. Spray the top with water, and then use a hot iron to adhere the lace and belt together. Once the layers have adhered to your liking, flip and repeat steps on the other side. 
*Tip: If you’re going out to buy lace, bring the belt with you to ensure the exact amount you’ll need. It maybe a bit more or less than two yards depending on the size of the belt. 
See…easy breezy! 

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