Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Why not wear your heart on your sleeve this Valentine’s Day? With a few simple supplies and 10 minutes, you can have elbow patches on that old wool sweater that needs a makeover. 
– Wool Sweater
– Foam Block 
– Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter 
– Wool Roving 
– Felting Needle 
– Masking Tape 
– Iron 
Start by marking where your elbows are on the sleeves of the sweater with masking tape. Place the foam block in the arm of the sleeve. And get your cookie cutter in place. 

Fill the cookie cutter with roving wool and start stabbing the wool down into the fabric with the felting needle. Be careful of those fingers (I say this from experience – it hurts). 
 Once majority of the wool has been woven into the fabric, remove the cookie cutter and clean up the edges by stabbing the wool. 

 Repeat process on the other arm. Once complete, warm up the iron on the wool setting. Spritz each elbow pad with water and iron.  

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