Whispers of Encouragement

Each week in this garden of mine, is new and exciting. The plants that went in this spring are amazing me with their growth and greenery. I swear during the evening watering ritual they whisper soft, encouraging things like, ‘I’m growing strong.’ ‘Plant more.’ ‘You can do this. I’m thriving.’ 

And thrive they are. Everywhere I look there is green. Green shrubs, hostas, herbs, basil and more. All the rain we have been getting sure is a huge help too for this newbie gardener. 

As beautiful as all the greenery is, I was ready this week to start adding in some color. Violet, purple and lavender colors were the first to be picked out and planted. 

Speaking of lavender, my existing lavender garden is getting ready to bloom. They came up strong and ready to make their debut.

For the coming week, my goals include, getting that previously mentioned pumpkin patch in, sourcing some catmint plants and perhaps finding some easy to care for pink flowers to balance out all that purple. 

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