Wordlessness. A funny word for a blog post, but yet its top of mind, so why not share?! As of late, I’ve had a bit of a ‘not so good attitude’ in a certain area of my life stemming from a frustration that I feel helpless about. In the grand scheme of things its minor, but in the day-to-day, it means something and needs productive attention. After holding a pity party for one, I decided it was high time I take back some of the control. I had to remind myself of a lesson learned [why can’t I learn them once and be done?]: No matter what happens in life, if you can have ownership of the problem, even if its partial ownership, then said problem can begin to be resolved.

Fate brought to my attention a new book, that from the moment I heard about it I was compelled to read right away. The first chapter interestingly enough starts with looking inside with what the author describes as ‘wordlessness.’ I’m not sure about you, but I don’t seem to get enough quiet time. Even when the room is quiet, I have what I call, ‘drunken monkeys’ chattering away in my head about something. It’s quite the challenge to get that inner voice to quiet down a bit to actually feel the energy within my own body.

The concept of wordlessness is a method used to shift thinking with your head to moving into the whole inner space of the body. Feeling this inner space, opens the mind to being guided with the way one actually feels, not how you’re programmed to feel. This energy is used as a guide for the big decisions in life and for the day-to-day stuff too. Deep stuff.

All this to say, the breathing exercises and practices for wordlessness have me actually resting in my body — while awake. Anything that even borders on meditation typically puts me fast asleep. Instead here I am, feeling, rested and moving differently in my body.

Maybe now, I’ll finally have the energy at the end of a long day to make those dog biscuits for my little furry guy that I’ve been putting off for weeks now and take care of my inner being.

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